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International Property Investment Company

  • Global Partners Program
  • Global Partners Program
  • Global Partners Program
  • Global Partners Program
  • Global Partners Program
  • Global Partners Program
  • Global Partners Program
  • Global Partners Program

Global Partners Program

Welcome to the Windrush Alliance Partners Programme - Creating and maintaining successful business relationships throughout the world

Windrush Alliance is actively seeking professional partners to join our growing network of property professionals from around the globe. The Partners Programme is a concept designed to assist those already operating in the overseas property industry, and companies looking to promote overseas property more efficiently and successfully. The partners program was introduced for businesses and individuals to benefit from our experience, as a large proportion of our business is generated by way of partner sales. The partner program financially rewards those who introduce clients or close business directly.

Benefit from Real Estate Markets

Our focus and partner program is designed to help people participate in the property real estate markets around the Globe with special focus on the Southern Italian region of Calabria. More than experience in the industry, we value your commitment to operate a successful business, whether you decide to dive in full or part time.  

Our Ideal Partners


Businesses that have a large client base or that conduct online advertising or e-mail marketing.


Proactive people who either already knows or who have the ability to meet people who are interested in overseas property investments or holiday homes. These individuals come from all walks in life, have good communication skills and are keen to succeed in the industry.

Existing Partners

Current partners range from professional organisations either established in the industry or from related businesses to individuals working from home to supplement their income. 
We openly welcome partners from all over the globe.

Benefits for Partners 
  • Registering as a partner is free and without obligation
  • We have a powerful web-based system which allows you access to all the property details. All our developments carry an intensive due diligence report for peace of mind.
  • Marketing material is thought through carefully to enable you to approach the right audience and increase sales.  Our partner login area will give access to marketing material pre-translated, contracts and latest availability.
  • Commission is paid for completed sales direct to your nominated account.
  • No time commitment or specialist knowledge required from you or your staff. Windrush can provide on-line training if required.
  • We can provide branded material containing your logo and contact details
  • For all your admin support we have a fully managed team at your disposal.
More importantly we have representative offices in at least 90% of the regions we cover, offering you up to date news locally and nationally, and full ground support for your clients when on an inspection visit. Our staff has complete knowledge of the development and surrounding areas as well the country laws for investment.

For more information and see how rewarding a Windrush Alliance partnership can be fill in the enquiry form or call us at +44 (0) 203 411 8590 or +353 (0) 21 601 9200
Please complete the following form and a Windrush Representative will be in contact with you shortly. Thank You.